Lady Gaga Gets Massive Rose Tattoo In Honor Of 'A Star Is Born' - Check It Out!

Lady Gaga Gets Massive Rose Tattoo In Honor Of 'A Star Is Born' - Check It Out!
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The singer and actress got a massive tattoo in honor of the movie that got her nominated at the Oscars! Lady Gaga posted a picture of her new ink on Instagram earlier today, and it looks amazing!

The star’s newest tattoo is a rose which goes over almost her entire spine, and it seems like she got it in honor of A Star Is Born, since it has been bringing her a lot of success in Hollywood.

The ink also reads ‘La Vie en Rose’ and references a song her character, Ally, sings in the movie.

The scene is pretty iconic since not only is it the first song she performs in the film, but it is also the first time Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine meets Ally.

That being said, it makes complete sense she captioned the post with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Speaking of tattoos, the star also got a smaller one on one of her arms and is of musical notes that spell ‘G-A-G-A.’

Furthermore, she also told her fans that it is actually a matching one, since Bobby Campbell, her 'bestie and manager,' got an identical one as well.

Winter Stone, a celebrity tattoo artist, worked on both and speaking of, they worked on Demi Lovato’s rose tattoo as well!

As you may know, Demi got a smaller rose on the inside of her pointer finger and is ‘obsessed’ with it.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga stood on the Grammy Awards stage and performed Shallow, the song from the movie that also won in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category!

She is set to perform it again at the Academy Awards in ten days along with her co-star, Cooper.

The actor previously told ET, however, that he is not ready!

‘I'm going to have to prepare a lot. I couldn’t sing before this movie, and so, in terms of being able to sing in front of people, it’s very nerve-wracking. It’s not easy what they do.’


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