Kylie Minogue Phones The Police Following Altercation With A Stalker

Kylie Minogue Phones The Police Following Altercation With A Stalker
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According to Page Six, Kylie Minogue had to call the authorities after a stalker tried to get into her house. Neighbors said to the outlet that the man had been hounding her for literal weeks, adding that the 50-year-old pop star was "very shaken" after her incident with the stalker.

Occurring in London, England, an insider close to Minogue claimed the man had launched a "sustained campaign" against her, in which he reportedly stood at her door for a week and pressed the intercom button over and over again for hours and refused to leave the front door of Kylie's property.

The insider explained that Kylie was "quite upset" and had no choice but to call the police. They inevitably spoke with the authorities for "quite a while" with the man there as well. A resident on the same street warned Kylie about the perpetrator after they spotted him on the street in West London last week.

"A weird guy was lurking around," the insider explained, adding that he went from one door to the next asking where the Australian pop star lived. Nobody called the police, but his behavior was strange so they had to inform her of the situation.

Last Wednesday, the 40-year-old man was issued a formal warning by the authorities following an incident where he kept saying Minogue's first name over and over again to the neighbors.

Unfortunately for Minogue's stalker, Kylie is dating the creative director of GQ Magazine, Paul Solomons. This won't be the first time she has dealt with such a situation either. The star has been threatened by strange people for years, including an incident 7 years ago in 2012. Previously, the pop star said a man was sending her threatening messages over Twitter.

Additionally, a report from an Australian newspaper in 2010 claimed a man repeatedly showed up to her parent's house with flowers and an engagement ring.

And in 2003, Kylie received 700+ messages to her house as well as her West London offices of the record company to which she is signed. Page Six claims that as the messages continued, they became increasingly disturbed and aggressive.

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