Kylie Minogue Would Love To Record A 'Duet' With Madonna

Kylie Minogue Would Love To Record A 'Duet' With Madonna
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According to Kylie Minogue , recording a duet with Madonna would be "amazing," the St. Louis Dispatch reported this week. The 52-year-old pop star admitted that she would love to work with the legendary performer in addition to people like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Dua Lipa.

Minogue went on to say that she would love to work with other women in the industry because it's not something she has done much in the past. The star insinuated that a lot of the biggest stars in the industry right now are women, including people like Miley Cyrus , Lady Gaga, and Dua Lipa, among others.

She claimed she "admired" so many of the women who are on top right now. According to Kylie, there have been rumors for a long time about her and Madonna doing a song together, and she thinks it would be amazing if it finally came to fruition.

The star joked that she spent much of her childhood singing and dressing up like some of her favorite performers, including ABBA, Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, and Whitney Houston. This past month, Kylie released her record, Disco.

Even though she has just dropped a new album, Kylie suggested that her mind is already focused on the next one. 2020, either way, has been a big year for Kylie - like many other performing artists - and not just because of her album.

The coronavirus pandemic led to the shuttering of many concert festivals and gatherings where music fans would normally go to hang out and listen to their favorite songs. During a chat with Elle, Kylie said she hasn't thought about how she would change her approach to her career, but she has become a lot more interested in the songwriting process.

She explained how the extra time over the last few months has allowed her to focus on other things more often. Kylie now has a big set up at her house, so she has the time and the ability to record, produce, and sing on her own.


Kylie said she would love to make more music, but she doesn't know how it would sound yet.

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