Kylie Jenner Wows In Plunging Versace Crop Top

Kylie Jenner Wows In Plunging Versace Crop Top
Credit: Source: Kylile Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner shared several photos on her official Instagram account and fans are sounding off about the top she wore. Kylie is known for wearing many designers and always looks sensational in her outfits. For the photo, Kylie wore vintage Versace , and the shirt is called the Cross Print Plunging Wrap Crop Top. It's from Versace's Spring/Summer 2005 season and Kylie showed off her flawless figure and tight abs while wearing the outfit. Kylie and her older sister Kendall have been wearing vintage designers lately and the Versace top didn't come as a surprise to her fans.

Kylie posted two photo slideshows while wearing the top and both gained millions of views as they were shared across multiple social media platforms.The first photo slideshow received 7.7 million views on Instagram with over 27,000 comments from fans who loved her outfit.

The second photo slideshow received more than 5.8 million likes with over 18,000 comments.

Kylie Jenner posed outside while wearing the colorful top that she paired with white jeans. The crop top features a yellow and pink triangle bra panels that feature multi-colored crosses and side panels with colorful designs.

The top wraps around the waist and features a silver medallion-style buckle giving the top the appearance of wearing a belt.

Kylie wore a long, dark brown extensions in her hair that fell to her waist. She adorned her fingers with multiple rings that featured vibrant colors and were the perfect accompaniment to her outfit. The rings are from Mon Cher Moi and are featured in various collections.

You may see one of the photos that Kylie Jenner shared on Instagram below.

Kylie shared another photo of herself wearing the crop top. She posed with her arms outstretched overhead, but the camera didn't take a photo of her full face.

Kylie shared anohter photo where she looked to the side.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner's Versace top and white pants? Are you a fan of the look?

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