Kyle Chrisley Son Of Chrisley Knows Best Star Todd Chrisley Arrested On Drug Charges

Kyle Chrisley Son Of Chrisley Knows Best Star Todd Chrisley Arrested On Drug Charges
Credit: YouTube

Kyle Chrisley, the son of Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley, was arrested last week in Oklahoma for drug possession.

TMZ was first to break the news Kyle was arrested and booked in the Okmulgee County Jail for charges of possession of methamphetamine. The celebrity website has obtained body cam footage from the police officer, who pulled over Todd's estranged son for a busted headlight.

In the video, Kyle can be seen hiding something into a cup. When the officer opened up the cup, there was a pouch of meth in it. There were two other passengers in the vehicle when Kyle was arrested. A woman is heard talking from the backseat of the car and the man is arrested for possession of weed.

While Kyle was in jail, it was discovered there was an open arrest warrant out for him in Dekalb County, Georgia, stemming from charges against him from earlier this year. The charges were regarding open threats he allegedly made toward his estranged wife, Alexus Chrisley. She went to the cops in January to report the death threats from her husband.

An affidavit obtained by TMZ indicates Kyle used text message to make vail threats of ending Alexus life. The series of texts show he did threaten her life, with words as well as by using an image of himself pointing a gun to his head. Drugs also allegedly appear in the pictures. It is unclear if Kyle is still in jail or if he was being transported back to Georgia to face those charges.

Todd and his oldest child have an extremely strained relationship. The reality TV star has previously said Kyle suffers from mental illness and has struggled with it his entire life. Todd also claims his son has a drug problem and he used to drug test him every week.

Kyle has not spoken to his father in almost five years after he accused Todd of trying to exploit his young daughter Chloe on the USA reality TV show. The young girl is half black, and Kyle believes his father was using his daughter for diversity ratings to keep his show relevant.


Todd Chrisley's son Kyle Chrisley is in some hot water for meth drug possession, as well as making death threats against his estranged wife. The Chrisley Knows Best star has not spoken out on his son's arrest. Kyle, too, is keeping mum on his latest legal troubles.


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