Ayesha Curry Has The Best Response To Misogynistic Comment Telling Her To ‘Stay In The Kitchen’

Ayesha Curry Has The Best Response To Misogynistic Comment Telling Her To ‘Stay In The Kitchen’
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After a social media user made a sexist joke on her Instagram, Ayesha Curry was quick to fire back with her own funny comment! The celeb cook got the irony and wittily responded after someone told her to ‘stay in the kitchen!’

‘Which one SF, Houston, Miami, or San Diego?’ she wondered.

Fans know all too well that the outspoken celebrity never hesitates to clap back in the cleverest of ways, every time a particularly mean comment catches her eye!

That being said, this is definitely not her first time taking on trolls and haters!

Previously, someone told her she was being desperate in the comment section of a selfie.

In response, she wrote: ‘Attention at it’s finest. This is exactly what I mean. Speaking without examining the context for yourself. Do not read the headlines. Watch the show. Everyone has gone crazy and my husband and I are over here sober as a gopher because I know what I said.’

As for the context, it was all about her admitting that she gets insecure when other women flirt with her husband.

And if what she said on Red Table Talk at the time holds any truth, it happens a lot!

Ayesha has been very open about a lot of things in her life as well, including her postpartum depression.

In an interview with Working Moms, she bravely shared that ‘I did not realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a little postpartum that lingered a while. It came in the form of being depressed about my body. So I made a rash decision. The intention was to have them lifted, but I came out with bigger boobs I did not want. I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet.’

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