KUWTK: Kylie Jenner ‘Staying Out Of’ Scott Disick And Sofia Richie's Breakup - Here's Why!

KUWTK: Kylie Jenner ‘Staying Out Of’ Scott Disick And Sofia Richie's Breakup - Here's Why!
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Fans of KUWTK know that long before Sofia Richie started dating Scott Disick, she was good friends with Kylie Jenner! That being said, now that the model and the ex of Kylie’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, are no longer together, how is the two young women’s relationship?

Well, one insider report claims to know that the makeup mogul is totally staying out of it and that the main reason is that she does not want to let that get in the way of their friendship.

The source explained via HollywoodLife that the Jenner prefers to keep her friendships and family life separate.

That being said, ‘Kylie makes it a point to stay out of Scott and Sofia’s relationship because she loves both of them and doesn’t want to get involved whatsoever. Kylie has been friends with Sofia since they were kids and they’re still on great terms no matter what happens between her and Scott. When Sofia and Scott started dating, Kylie made a decision to stay in her own lane despite what went on between them. She keeps her friendships and family life separate as best as she can and focuses on herself.’

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were in a relationship for about three years before ending things back in May.

Another source also told the same news outlet that Kylie would never let this breakup ruin her childhood friendship with Sofia.

‘Kylie is friends with Sofia and she is friends with Scott. However, their relationship pans out, if they start dating again or are done forever then Kylie is not going to lose a friend over their relationship issues. Kylie is not about that life. She cares about both Scott and Sofia and she is able to keep that all the drama separate,’ they dished, adding that she is too mature to take sides.


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