KUWTK: Here's Why Kanye West 'Hasn’t Fought' To Save Kim Kardashian Marriage

KUWTK: Here's Why Kanye West 'Hasn’t Fought' To Save Kim Kardashian Marriage
Credit: Source: scmp.com

The rapper's been spending most of his time at his ranch in Wyoming while Kim Kardashian and the kids still live at home in L.A. That being said, one insider report claims to know that Kanye West has not been trying to save their marriage.

The source told HollywoodLife that Ye is having 'a really hard time' as the divorce seems to loom over him and Kim!

They shared with the news outlet that 'He is struggling knowing that divorce's looming and looming. He knows it is inevitable and now, it is just a matter of when it is all happening. He has not really fought for her and has not been around the kids or the Kardashian family. It is not an ideal situation for anyone and it is just sad for the entire family.'

It really appears that Kimye has taken a break.

After all, the KUWTK star was even seen out and about without her wedding ring while spending the holidays at Khloe's house with the kids - Kanye nowhere to be seen!

In the meantime, you might have heard that the rapper has already moved his massive shoe collection that contains hundreds of sneaker pairs to his massive ranch.

'He is completely icing out people that he'd usually turn to for support and not talking to his closest friends. It is completely on Kanye’s terms when he talks to Kim because he can go dark and she can't get a hold of him for days. He has been bouncing all over the place secretly and has not only been in Wyoming. He has a few people on his team that he trusts to communicate with anyone when needed,' the source close to the family shared.


This comes after multiple reports that Kim is actually still fighting for them, which is why she is yet to file for a divorce at this point.


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