KUWK: Kylie Jenner Gets Backlash For Photoshopping Met Gala Picture

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Gets Backlash For Photoshopping Met Gala Picture
Credit: Source: teenvogue.com

The KUWK celeb stunned at the Met Gala but if social media users are right, Kylie Jenner was still not entirely happy with the way she looked. The makeup mogul posted a pic from the event on the pink-carpet  and now, her followers are accusing the 21 year old of photoshopping her waist to look even smaller in the figure-hugging Versace gown she was wearing.

That night, Kylie shared the pic with her fans and made sure to shout out her glam squad.

Upon seeing the photo, people were convinced she’d modified her looks in Photoshop, and they were outraged since Kylie doing that is only promoting more unrealistic beauty standards for young girls.

It all started when Celebface, an Instagram page dedicated to exposing Photoshopped snaps of celebs, called out the young mother by posting a side by side comparison of the original pic taken on the pink carpet and the one shared by Kylie on her account.

Looking at both, it does seem like the second one shows her waist to be tinier!

It did not take long for followers of Celebface to slam Kylie, writing things like: ‘Omg kylie wtf! You know expectations have gotten out of control when a combination of liposuction, waist trainers, AND corsets are not enough and you STILL feel the need to photoshop yourself!!’

‘So unhealthy for young girls to see!’ another commented.

Others thought it was ‘ridiculous’ she’d do that since her waist is already so slim!

‘Imagine spending how much money on plastic surgery just to feel like you still need to Photoshop your pics. I feel bad for them lol,’ one person also wrote.

Kylie is yet to react to the backlash!


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