Kristen Doute Says Jax Taylor Might Get 'Pissed' When Learning About The Chapter About Him In Her Upcoming Book!

Kristen Doute Says Jax Taylor Might Get 'Pissed' When Learning About The Chapter About Him In Her Upcoming Book!
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Kristen Doubte is sharing a lot of details about the people in her life in her upcoming tell-all book and that means ‘no one is safe!’ In fact, that is something she’s warned people already and it sounds like Jax Taylor is one of those who should be prepared for what she has to say!

The Vanderpump Rules star revealed during a new interview with HollywoodLife that she just has to share her side of the story and why!

Furthermore, she also mentioned that Jax might get ‘pissed off’ when he learns what the chapter on him contains.

In other words, when she wrote the upcoming book titled He’s Making You Crazy, out on June 2, she made sure not to censor anything!

The dating advice book that is actually co-written with Michele Alexander, the author of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: The Universal Don’ts of Dating features a whole chapter dedicated to Jax Taylor.

This is something Kristen herself revealed during a chat with HollywoodLife yesterday.

And that is not all! She also mentioned that the co-star who once blocked her on social media, has no idea yet.

However, she would assume he still expects it to a certain degree given their history!

Kristen dished via the same news outlet that she did let someone know about it, more precisely his wife and her fellow castmate, Brittany Cartwright.

‘I haven’t told Jax. He has to know it’s coming. He’s probably going to get pissed. I just wanted Brittany to be aware, because [he’s] her husband now. But I wouldn’t, again, be being completely honest if I didn’t touch on that.’

As for how Brittany felt about it, Kristen told the site that she was ‘fine with it.’

‘And I don’t feel like I trashed Jax. But I don’t feel on Vanderpump Rules I ever had a moment — or I actually didn’t give myself the moment, which I’ve kind of said in the book — but I didn’t feel that I was allowed, or capable, or able…to speak those feelings at that time, and now I do,’ she went on to add.

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