Kodak Black's Fans Are Hoping That He Will Turn Things Around After His Latest Legal Setback

Kodak Black's Fans Are Hoping That He Will Turn Things Around After His Latest Legal Setback
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After being arrested for violations of federal firearms laws, Kodak Black was scheduled to have his trial in September this year.

However, the rapper will have to remain in jail for the entire duration, as authorities have deemed him a high risk for public safety.

Black has reportedly attempted to file for bail but was denied.

It looks like things are getting complicated for him quite fast on multiple fronts, as he also has other legal issues to deal with, and his problems have been accumulating at a rapid rate.

It is not known how the rapper is planning to face his new charges, but many of his fans have expressed hope that he will pull through the situation one way or another.

The incident related to weapons started when the rapper forged information when applying for a gun on a federal level.

The weapon was afterward used in criminal activity. It is not clear how the rapper was connected to the weapon, and how it has managed to make its way to the criminals in the end.

However, authorities are investigating the possibility that he is linked to the crime.

With that in mind, it looks like Black might face some serious legal trouble if he does get convicted.

Many have reached out to authorities requesting more information, but they have been met with silence.

More information will likely come to light in September after his trial is over and his sentence has been handed down -- whatever it may be.

His supporters have mixed opinions on the recent developments.

One of them stated: "Being a street nigga don't pay these days Kodak. You got too much money to be doing all this dumb shit bro. Focus on being a business man and entertainer. I hate this shit for you. But you gotta get your shit together bro. Ain't no love in the streets... I need you to get out on some Gucci mane shit. A changed man. Bc imma be mad if I can never heard new Kodak black songs.#freekodak."

Another commenter added: "Stop doing dumbass shit then. I fw y' all heavy, but one of y' all gon end up in a non-fixable situation and ain't gon be shit to do about it. Gotta do better."

Will Black be able to get things right?

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