Kim Zolciak Gives Update After Being Treated For Covid

Kim Zolciak Gives Update After Being Treated For Covid
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Kim Zolciak recently revealed that she and her husband contracted COVID . The two recently received antibodies which made them feel better.

She detailed her treatment Piedmont Hospital.

'I’m feeling so much better today (almost back to 💯) after I received the MonoClonal Antibodies at Piedmont Hospital! It was almost instant that I felt a difference. As I sat there getting the infusion my eyes filled with tears many times for the nurses and doctors that put their own lives on the line everyday to care for others. THANK YOU to all of you frontline workers You guys are truly incredible! THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙏🏼
I felt so horrible when I arrived to Piedmont.... I have never been this sick in my life. I had high fevers over the weekend, body aches like I’ve never felt, intense headaches that medicine wouldn’t get rid of and congestion that made it hard to breathe. I was miserable as was @kroybiermann The nursing staff was so sweet, patient and attentive. It took a few hours for the IV and we were on our way home. I felt like I could breathe so much better as I walked out of the hospital but it took a good 36hrs to really feel the affects of the antibodies.'

She then reminded her followers just how scary COVID can be by revealing that her chef has also tested positive along with other staff members. However, there were some people in her house who didn't get it which further mystifies this diagnosis considering she isn't sure who she got it from.

This comes after her daughter had a case of the respiratory illness and spent her days quarantining in the salon of their mansion.

This is a scary time for the reality star considering she has had multiple medical issues in the past which makes it even more dangerous for her to have the sickness than the average person.


Hopefully, she feels better soon.

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