Kim Richards Calls Out Friend Camille Grammer's 'Terrible' Ex Kelsey Following His Latest Attack!

Kim Richards Calls Out Friend Camille Grammer's 'Terrible' Ex Kelsey Following His Latest Attack!
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After Camille Grammer’s former husband, Kelsey, threw some shade at her, Kim Richards proved that she is on her friend’s side and proceeded to passionately defend her! Here’s what she had to say about Kelsey’s latest attack on Kim!

It’s safe to say that Richards is used to drama so she did not shy away from getting involved in some more of it, especially since she did it for the sake of her dear friend.

While in attendance at BravoCon, Kim chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet her opinion on Kelsey’s continuous attacks.

‘That’s terrible. Maybe there is something we do not know. I don’t know. But I feel bad if that is happening because nobody wants to be … Nobody likes that. And I do not think that’s fair,’ she shared.

Camille and Kelsey were married for almost 14 years before their separation in 2010 and ever since then, they have really struggled to get along.

That being said, it’s no surprise that they are at war once again.

Their latest conflict started when Kelsey shared while in In Depth with Graham Bensinger that Camille asked for a divorce on the day his mother was being buried!

In response to this accusation, Camille later tweeted: ‘This is not true. My parents were with us when we received the news about his mom. We consoled him and then flew back to LA to make arrangements for her funeral. It is unfortunate he's rewriting history.’

Kim told the site that she really doesn’t like Kelsey and never liked ‘what he did to’ Camille, adding that ‘I don’t know him personally. I met him and I liked him when I met him, but I think what he did to her was pretty s***ty but I don’t know their story. So I only know what I saw.’


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