Kim Kardashian Wore Vintage Gucci Pants And Fans Are Here For It

Kim Kardashian Wore Vintage Gucci Pants And Fans Are Here For It
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian wore vintage Gucci pants on her Instagram account and fans are here for it. Sharing a photo back towards the end of May, Kim posted a picture where she was down on all fours wearing Gucci's 2000 python-print pants. The photo came as Kim had shown off her snake-skin print hair (that resulted in a huge photoshop fail ) and posted a series of pictures where she showed off her fabulous curves while working out in her home gym. The photo that Kim Kardashian posted went viral and has 1.9 million Instagram likes.

The photo was captured outside and Kim posed on all fours and braced herself on a chair. The background was full of tall grasses that consisted of white, green, and beige tones that were the perfect complement to Kim's outfit.

You may see the photo that Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram and shared with her 175.9 million Instagram followers below.

Kim Kardashian donned her long, blonde wig with dark roots for the photoshoot. Though the Coronavirus quarantine was underway in full force at the time of the photoshoot, Kim looked gorgeous and paired the pants with a skimpy top. The blonde wig appears to be one of Kim's go-to hairstyles and she wore the look in her Celestial Skies campaign for KKW Beauty.

Kim has also been vocal about missing her hairstylist and contemplating going back to a blonde. Though she is wearing a wig in the photo above, she has had blonde hair in the past. You may see some of Kim Kardashian's most popular blonde hairstyles here .

Kim often wears clothes from her Skims collection or Yeezy on her Instagram and fans appreciate it when she wears a vintage designer such as with her 2020 Spring Gucci python pants. After Kim shared the photo of herself in the pants, they began selling out on various online shops.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian's post and her Gucci python pants from Spring 2020?

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