Kim Kardashian Is Selling Seamless Skims Face Masks For The Coronavirus Pandemic

Kim Kardashian Is Selling Seamless Skims Face Masks For The Coronavirus Pandemic
Credit: Source: Skims/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is selling face masks through her fashion company Skims due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kim's company is very forward-thinking and in addition to creating garments for women of various sizes, she also embraces a problem that many women of color have had a difficult time with — the color nude. When a product is called "nude" or "flesh-toned" it is often the color of Caucasian skin. This has been one of the hidden forms of racism that permeates American society. Many people who identify as white have probably never thought twice about going to a store and buying a box of band-aids or a pair of nylon stockings called "nude" or "flesh-toned" where the product was a peach color. However, for millions of people who are blessed with more melanin, buying something nude or flesh-toned that doesn't match the color of their skin sends a message — a negative one.

Kim has addressed this issue with her Skims products and her new line of face masks come in "nude" but in a wide array of "nude" tones and shades. The face masks are available in five "nude" shades including sand, clay, sienna, cocoa, and onyx.

You may see a photo featuring the face masks that cost $8 each below.

Skims shared a video of a series of models wearing the different colored face masks. You may see the video along with the following caption below.

"Breathable, soft, and comfortable, SKIMS Face Masks are designed for all-day wear. Shop now in 5 colors at SKIMS.COM and today only, enjoy free shipping on domestic orders over $25 while supplies last."

Unfortunately, as soon as the seamless face masks went on sale they sold out. There is now a waitlist and Skims is doing everything to get the face masks back in production.

They shared the following announcement.

" Unfortunately SKIMS Face Masks have sold out today, but we are working with our local partner in Los Angeles to produce more as quickly as possible. The next batch will be available next week — please join the waitlist to receive more details coming soon, and we thank you for your support."

What do you think about Skims' making face masks? Are you going to buy one?

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