Kim Kardashian Is Gorgeous In Tulle Dress With Skims

Kim Kardashian Is Gorgeous In Tulle Dress With Skims
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is showing off her curves in a new video that she shared on her Instagram story. Kim has been showing off her latest Skims products and her sister Kylie Jenner recently posed in the Skims mesh catsuit .  Now, Kim is showing off her Skims Sculpting Bodysuit that reaches mid-thigh and gave her the perfect degree of coverage for the beautiful tulle dress she wore. Posting in her closet for a mirror selfie, Kim looked pensively at her camera as she showed off her flawless figure.

Kim has been dealing with plenty of personal issues with her husband Kanye West as divorce rumors loom and many believe the couple is living apart since Kanye spoke out at a presidential rally. If Kim Kardashian is under duress, you couldn't tell based on her appearance.

Looking flawless, Kim posed wearing the Noon tulle dress that was very sheer and featured a pink and brown curved, line pattern. The dress has a full neckline and is sleeveless. Kim raised her hem and showed off her Skims bodysuit that she wore underneath.

You may see the dress that Kim Kardashian wore over her Skims Sculpting Bodysuit in the video player below.

In addition to her tulle dress and Skims, Kim has been wearing Gianfranco Ferre , along with her younger sister Kendall Jenner who wore a vintage Gianfranco Ferre dress.

Kim showed off her newly dyed, red hair as she posed in a yellow and green, Gianfranco Ferre alligator suit. Kim knelt down on the floor and showed off her curves in the dazzling outfit. Fans loved the look and though Kim is getting various reactions to her red hair, there were plenty of people who praised her outfit. Kimberly received more than 3.3 million likes on the photo.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian's latest outfit? Do you like the tulle dress paired with the Skims Sculpting Bodysuit? Are you a fan of the look?


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