Kim Kardashian Debuts Fiery Red Hair, Leaving Fans In Awe - She Also Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

Kim Kardashian Debuts Fiery Red Hair, Leaving Fans In Awe - She Also Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Rumors
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Kim Kardashian changed her look, and she definitely looks bomb. She is now flaunting fiery red hair, and she's asking fans whether they love this look.

People are in awe, and a lot of fans also made sure to congratulate the beauty mogul for eventually becoming a billionaire, as it was reported earlier.

Check out the clips that Kim shared on her social media account to flaunt her new look.

A lot of people asked whether Kim got more things done to her face.

Someone asked: 'What's wrong with her face? Did she get more surgery?' and another follower said: 'Drew on her lips to make them look bigger.'

A follower asked: 'I was wondering the same thing Idk if it’s the lips but something sure look different and I’m not talking her redhead,' and another commenter said this about the Kardashians: 'they need to stop. They were all beautiful at one point now it's too much.'

A commenter said: 'Kim & Khloe got the same work done to their face.. Looking like twins.'

Someone else posted: 'it’s a filter on Instagram, y’all just jump on the hate train for likes,' and a fan wrote: 'She saw Khloe have a full day of attention now she's acting up.'

One other follower noted that 'These girls own so many faces,' and someone else said: 'I pray god gives some of y’all the peace that y’all need to stop hating do hard on people.'

An Instagrammer shaded Kim and said: 'omg I thought she was a black light skin woman.'

In other news, Kim finally entered the billionaire club , and her hubby, Kanye West, could not be happier and prouder of his amazing wife.

It’s been revealed that Kim sold $200 million stake of her KKW makeup brand to the beauty company called Coty.

This increased the value of her fortune to $1 billion and the family is celebrating

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