Kim Kardashian Admits That She Endured A Strenuous Routine For Met Gala 2019

Kim Kardashian Admits That She Endured A Strenuous Routine For Met Gala 2019
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As fans of the reality star know, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the struggle of beauty routines, especially difficult ones. In fact, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians mainstay recently admitted she had undergone a training regiment so she could breathe better while wearing a corset at the Met Gala 2019.

The 38-year-old star apparently had many people talking about her outfit at this year's Met Gala, designed by Thierry Mugler, and featuring prosthetic water droplets hanging off the fabric. According to a report from Us Weekly, it was the corset that added the last finishing touches to the style that she so elegantly displayed.

In the Instagram post shown below, it's clear Kim was wearing some kind of corset, because her hour-glass figure was emphasized in a way we've never seen before.

Some people on social media suggested she actually had to have parts of her rib removed, however, it was later revealed that she had to undergo a training schedule just to figure out how to breathe.

Apparently, the man who created it, Mr. Pearl, who also has an 18-inch waist after 22 years of wearing a corset, taught the reality star how to wear it as well as a special breathing technique so she could actually survive the outfit.

Approximately one week after the Met Gala, Kim thanked Mugler for his contributions to her look. "7 months in the making and fittings in Montreal, Paris, and LA," the reality star stated, adding that she received "corset breathing lessons" from none other than the master of the corset.

According to Kim, despite the trials and tribulation of such an exhausting endeavor, it was worth every moment. While most praised the 38-year-old beauty mogul, others accused her of perpetuating some of the most harmful body stereotypes, as well as the promotion of corsets, which can often contribute to various health problems.

Putting aside the controversy, another star to receive considerable praise at the Met Gala this year was Cardi B, who wore a gigantic red dress that resembled the feathers of a bird.

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