Killer Mike Says He Won't Reopen Georgia Barbershop Despite The State's Reopening

Killer Mike Says He Won't Reopen Georgia Barbershop Despite The State's Reopening
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The governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has plans to re-open the Georgian economy this Friday, effectively ending the state's lockdown, however, Killer Mike doesn't have any intention of opening up his barbershop, at least anytime soon.

Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from Killer Mike in which he addressed the aforementioned fact about Georgia and how they're planning to re-open very soon, despite reports that the coronavirus could still be traveling through the nation.

Governor Brian Kemp recently announced that many of the formerly closed shops could re-open again, including gyms, salons, barbershops, and other businesses. This is just the first step in lifting all of the emergency lockdown measures.

During a conversation with TMZ, Killer Mike stated that he won't be re-opening his shop this week. According to Mike, it's not safe for him to get the business going again, because it may have a deleterious effect on the public's health and safety.

For that reason, he has chosen to keep the doors closed for now. Killer Mike went on to point to the way the coronavirus has affected African-Americans. In many states, the majority of deaths can be seen in the African-American and Hispanic communities.

As most know, Killer Mike isn't the only public figure to address this fact either. Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General of the United States, came out to make similar comments, urging communities to stay away from drugs and alcohol as a preventative measure.

Jerome Adams was later criticized for being racist due to the supposed implications of his comments. At this time, it has been much harder for Americans to pay their rent as well, and this is another fact Killer Mike has addressed.

The personality explained that he is a landlord, as well, and has modified his rent accordingly. Another celebrity to address the death of black Americans is Beyonce Knowles, who took the stage recently to say that many black Americans from her hometown, Houston, Texas, were negatively impacted by the virus.

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