Keyshia Cole Looks So Good In New Photo That She Is Accused Of Photoshopping

Keyshia Cole Looks So Good In New Photo That She Is Accused Of Photoshopping
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Keyshia Cole has been doing quite well after her pregnancy, and she has been eager to show off her stunning body to the world, especially her fans.

Many supporters assumed that as a working mom with a new baby, it would be hard for her to work out as many other celebrities have found themselves in that situation after giving birth, but that certainly does not seem to be on the table for her right now.

Entirely, on the contrary, Cole has been making a lot of visible progress with her attention to her body, and she seems to be doing a very good job with it overall.

Cole recently posted some photos that showed off her toned, slim body, and they drew lots of responses from her fans, many of whom were thirsty to see more of her.

Some were skeptical that the shots would look that good, but in the end, they did.

And it seems like Cole is particularly proud of herself as well, judging by the way she has been carrying herself in those discussions.

Her outfit was appropriately picked for the situation as well, so she has not lost her ability to dress properly either.

All in all, it looks like Cole is about ready to jump back into the music world after her pregnancy, but it might take a while before she is fully recovered and ready for action.

In the meantime, she has been enjoying the strong support of many of her fans, with some people actively commenting on her posts and sharing pleasant words with her on social media.

A follower wrote: "This is giving me 2000 and late vibes. Didn’t know she had that back there.WOW, she looks so young. why does this look like cutout cardboard😭."

This backer of the sexy mama wrote: "She didn’t age at all! Black women only get better with time like wine 😍😍why does this photo look like it’s from 2014. But where is the baby? I forgot you had him already."

This person accused her of photoshopping: "Her left to right booty cheek ratio ain’t adding up though. why does this look photoshopped, or is it just me ?"

What are your thoughts on the sexy photo? Can she make a strong musical comeback?

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