Kevin Hunter Calls Cops On Wendy Williams As Divorce Drama Heats Up

Kevin Hunter Calls Cops On Wendy Williams As Divorce Drama Heats Up
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The divorce drama involving Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter does not appear to be dying down anytime soon.

These two have taken the gloves off and are in fighting mode. Their most recent blow-up reportedly occurred when Hunter called the cops on Williams, who had movers sent to their Livingston, New Jersey home last weekend.

RadarOnline broke the news the disgruntle spouses were arguing so bad on April 20th, he called the cops to break it up. The website obtained documents from the official police report.

When moving trucks showed up to the home, Hunter was not happy. Even though she served him divorce papers, he made it clear to the cops the couple had not agreed Williams could remove items from their house.

Williams has reportedly left the sober living house in Queens and is moving into a Manhattan apartment . She was at the house to get her belongings when the police were called.

The officers, as well as a man named Ronald Clinton, managed to calm down Hunter and Williams. Eventually, they decided that the talk show personality would take only her clothing, personal paintings, and spare bedroom furnishings at this time. All of the remaining items in the home would be "undisturbed, inventoried, and valued at a later date.”

It was not the best day for Hunter and Williams. Not only did a fight break out when she had a moving company show up to move items to her new apartment but their son, Kevin Hunter Jr. witnessed the entire dispute. He was there as his parents got into a heated argument and had to help calm them both down.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter's divorce is going to be far from civilized. Their issues are no doubt going to take a toll on their son. Maybe it is time for the couple to only communicate through lawyers or another third party, not their only child. Kevin Jr. should not be in the middle of his parent's divorce.

Neither Williams nor Hunter have commented on the moving incident of last weekend, but it is just another reminder of all the hostility surrounding the demise of their marriage. What a long, difficult battle the soon to be exes have ahead of them.

What are your thoughts on the moving drama between Hunter and Williams? Are they taking their hatred too far?

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