Kenya Moore's Latest Pics Of Baby Brooklyn Show That Brookie Is The Happiest Baby

Kenya Moore's Latest Pics Of Baby Brooklyn Show That Brookie Is The Happiest Baby
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Kenya Moore shared a few new pics on her daughter, Brooklyn Daly's social media account. This baby girl is definitely the happiest kid out there, according to more fans.

'I’m having a great time in Detroit with my family. What’s in my head? Well, you have to ask my mommy. Since I’m crawling like crazy she doesn’t want me to hurt my head. I think it looks cute! As you can see I’m smiling. 👶🏽 #babybrooklyn #miraclebaby' Kenya captioned one of Brookie's pics.

Someone said: 'Some of yall can get sneezed on and get pregnant. Some of yall can trip and get pregnant. 😒 It's HARD for some of us. So we gonna unapologetically be extra with our lil miracle. Instead of judging yall should try to emphasize as mothers and realize u may have not felt the trepidation of losing a child u worked so hard to bring here. Keep on Kenya. We proud extra gadget super protective moms. 🍼❤🔧'

Another follower praised Kenya and posted this: 'When I look at Brooklyn I remember the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3 :11 *HE Makes *EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL* in *HIS OWN TIME* I so believe that verse that. KENYA, Mark, and Brooklyn are a testimony to that verse. It's not over until God said it's over. He will lay a table in the presence of your Enemies. 😊👍'

A fan said: 'Maybe it's because she's visiting someone else's home and it may not be child proof and the baby isn't familiar that home, and mommy took all safety measures to prevent any accidents. Just a thought.. I could be wrong but that's only my opinion.. Great thinking Mom!! Protect your beautiful baby girl 💖'

Somoene else posted: 'Who does this sassy beauty belong to?? Kenya... your mom taught you such valuable lessons. At the time none of it made sense... for a long time, It didn’t make sense and it hurts... but it did teach you.. you will not be her. You will love, accept, embrace, protect... you will be, all she wasn’t. That is who i am. My daughter is a strong young lady. Be grateful for your lessons. Your the best Mommy because. She wasn’t.. that’s how i feel.'

Kenya's fans are simply in love with this baby girl and they always make sure to tell this to Kenya.

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