Kenya Moore's Latest Photo And Message Has Her Fans Saying That If Marc Daly Doesn't Get His Act Together, He's A 'Loser'

Kenya Moore's Latest Photo And Message Has Her Fans Saying That If Marc Daly Doesn't Get His Act Together, He's A 'Loser'
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Kenya Moore shared a gorgeous photo on her social media account and she made sure to pair it with a really special caption. Check out Kenya's post that managed to impress her fans and IG followers.

'“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” -Shakespeare “They can call you what they want but you know who you are. You are a queen.“- Kenya Moore,' the RHOA star captioned her photo.

Someone jumped in the comments and said: 'That’s right! They only wish they had your class and grace. Beauty & brains... you’re the whole package and they’re threatened and jealous.'

A follower posted this: 'Yesss Queen! You’re the most resilient person there is. Let them come Undone and you stay on your throne. Here are your flowers while you live. Much love ❤️.'

Another fan told Kenya: 'You need to sue Barbie because clearly they made their doll after you!' and someone else also praised her: 'A beautiful, well-spoken, intelligent, witty, and accomplished Queen. They hate it and it shows!'

Someone else said: 'Looking like that holiday Barbie my mom gave me for Christmas that I still can’t take out the box 20 years later.'

A fan brought up Marc Daly and said this: 'Kenya it’s serving looks here if Marc doesn’t get his act together he will be a loser you’re a beautiful black woman @thekenyamoore.'

Someone else told the RHOA star: '@thekenyamoore I want you to know that you are fabulous and nobody can never change that in you. You are a beautiful aspect that has been brought to this earth to make an influence in other people’s lives that you care about. Continue to be the lady you are because bigger better and more joyful things will come your way. Your amazing Kenya!! An I will always continue to look up to you. Because you carry yourself with class and human decency with very high potential. Period.'

In other news, Kenya shared a really exciting message on her social media account. She’s revealing for her fans the empire that she is building for her daughter.

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  • Cece
    Cece May 9, 2020 1:24 PM PDT

    This is his funny. Marc in ATL right now since at least last Friday May 1st. He was probably sitting next to her when she posted that pic. U can hear him laughing in the background of the two vids of Brooklyn bouncing & running laughing. U can hear her talking to him in one vid. Ppl puhleez

  • Brenda Gregory
    Brenda Gregory May 8, 2020 8:04 PM PDT

    Cynthia, don't know she is being used.she follows her like a puppy.speaking of Kenya..

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