Kenya Moore Will Have Some Big Announcements This Year -- Marc Daly Will Be Part Of Them

Kenya Moore Will Have Some Big Announcements This Year -- Marc Daly Will Be Part Of Them
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Kenya Moore has announced that her marriage to Marc Daly is not as gloomy as previously assumed.

According to a new interview, fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star should not be surprised if she makes some big announcements this year about her private life.

Moore hinted that she is in a good place with Daly, and the divorce process might be called off, and they might give baby Brooklyn a sibling soon.

Talking to ET, Moore said: “So, if I had a vision board, I would say, successful marriage, lots of love… [my daughter] Brooklyn, healthy, happy, thriving, I would say, expanding businesses and fun.”

She revealed that Daly filed for divorce in a quick matter, and now they regret it.

Moore continued with: “We had a fight and, instead of giving that time to breathe and figure things out after that, you know, a decision was made. Independent of me.”

She went on to speak about some of the struggles they faced as a family: “Once the baby came, things just, you know -- the stress of life made our relationship deteriorate, and we couldn’t find our way back to it. But all in all, I still think that a rash decision was made.”

However, months after the divorce news, things are better.

She confessed: “Where I am right now and how I have been coping with, it is just being the strong person that I know to be. I sort of compartmentalize things in my life, and I don’t let anything destroy me. I have the most amazing daughter anyone can ask for. Every day is a joy to me. Yes, my marriage is falling apart, but look at this beautiful daughter that I have! Her smile, energy, love that she gives me? I cannot be happier.”

Moore claimed she is optimistic for the future and added: “We are still apart, but we are better friends now than we have been in a very long time. We’re co-parenting great. We are going to be going to counseling soon. So, I’m optimistic.”

The businesswoman stated that being a mother helped her change her mind about splitting from Daly and went on to say: “[Being a mom] makes you look at you differently, and I just have a different appreciation for life and all things that I’m living for. That is my legacy, how I raise this child, how we raise Brooklyn.”

So what does this mean for Moore? More children sooner than later.

She confessed: "I see Brooklyn, and she is the life of the party. We are on the plane, and she is walking down the aisle, ‘Hi, hi , hi...’ Like, it’s all about her, she’s just hosting everyone on the plane. So that’s interesting to see her be so outgoing and special, and she loves people, and she loves other little kids, and I would like to see her with a playmate growing up. I think she will be a great big sister to someone and... I don’t know, fingers crossed.”

Critics will probably continue to say that the whole thing was just a good storyline for the reality show.

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