Kenya Moore Shares Her Secrets For Rapid Weight Loss

Kenya Moore Shares Her Secrets For Rapid Weight Loss
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Kenya Moore has recently shared some pics on social media in which she's wearing a gorgeous white dress. Her fans were in awe to see her flawless figure, and now she decided to tell everyone her secrets for snapping back so fast after the pregnancy.

In the new pics on her social media account , she looks stunning, starting with her hair and finishing with her perfect curves which are highlighted by the mesmerizing dress that she is wearing.

'Down 4 more pounds! I’ve lost 9 lbs already in just a few weeks. If you saw my picture, I posted yesterday I was so excited to fit into that dress without any help! I do one shake a day to replace a meal and the supplements! That’s all! I still work out when I can, but this has been helping me drop the last lbs since having my baby girl,' Kenya started the caption for her post.

She continued and said 'SYou want my secrets?... I only have a few. Try @bodycompleterx kit #bodycompleterx #BCRX #snapback #downinthepounds.'

Someone had a suggestion for her: 'Kenya try intermittent fasting it has lots of health benefits, and you can lose pounds while still enjoying food. Check it out.🌺'

Another follower posted 'I am happy for you, but I hate that women are pressured to lose weight💔constantly'

A fan gushed over Kenya and said 'This looks like the same banging body you had when you played Mrs. Bozack in Martin!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾That just HAPPENS to be on this morning!'

A follower had a question and asked Kenya: 'Is that breastfeeding safe @thekenyamoore cause I need to lose so extra baby weight but am still breastfeeding.'

Someone also had a curiosity and asked her '@thekenyamoore do you mind sharing how you took care of your stomach to prevent it from sagging. Please!! That would be very helpful. I’m about to be a first-time mom and terrified of that.'

Kenya did bounce back really fast, and she looks terrific these days.

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