Kenya Moore Reveals Brooklyn Daly's New BFF

Kenya Moore Reveals Brooklyn Daly's New BFF
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Kenya Moore shared a photo of her baby girl Brooklyn Daly and her BFFs. The pic is melting fans' hearts, and they send love to the little girl in the comments.

Check out the photo that Kenya shared on her daughter's own social media account that she created not too long ago.

A fan exclaimed: 'Awwww I’ve missed you Brooklyn❤️ With all of this global mess You are so Refreshing🥰 Just watching you grow up is Amazing. I have 11 Grands and You babies are heart throbbing ❤️ God Bless and Keep you.'

A follower said: 'Awe besties!! Brooklyn is looking more like you every day!' and someone else posted this message: 'Ooohhh she is the cutest of them all, love you Queen B.'

One other commenter said: ' adorable. Look at that beautiful hair. Love you Brookie Cookie,' and a followewr posted this message: 'Brooklyn is so caring & adorable! You can tell they have s special bond between them.'

A fan wrote: 'I swear every time I see Brooklyn, I see my daughter, she is 18 mths and they look similar,' and someone else said: 'just what we need right now...cuteness overload.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'We missed you lil princess. Tell mommy not to deny us your beauty.'

Somoene else said: 'Awww! Sweet Beautiful Brooklyn & Adorable Twirl ? Love this Picture.'

A follower posted: 'The world’s lil beauty queen love you Baby Brooklyn,' and another follower wrote: 'Awww she’s cute with her bestie Twirl...animal friends at an early age will increase her understanding and empathy level of the world around her...teaches her responsibility and wires her brain for group and individual love attachments...good job Brookie.'

Kenya recently explained to her fans that her ancestors had to die so that she and a lot more people could have a voice these days, and this is extremely important.

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