Donald Trump Celebrates His Birthday But People Celebrate 'Barack Obama Day' Instead - They Call Him A 'True President!'

Donald Trump Celebrates His Birthday But People Celebrate 'Barack Obama Day' Instead - They Call Him A 'True President!'
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This is the ultimate burn! On the current president’s birthday, people took to social media to celebrate the previous POTUS, Barack Obama, instead! As you probably know, Donald Trump is not a lot of people’s favorite person, especially these days, seeing how he’s responded to the Black Lives Matter movement protests.

That being said, it sounds like America despises him so much that they hijacked his birthday to remember Obama’s time in office instead.

So, as Trump turns 74, the hashtag #ObamaDayJune14th is trending on Twitter!

It’s been four years since Barack Obama has left his position at the White House but people, now perhaps more than ever, feel his absence.

A lot of posts about him flooded social media, many supporters labeling him as a ‘true president’ and in opposition to Trump, who is considered far less competent.

‘I will always be thankful I voted twice for and was even alive to experience the Presidency of Barack Obama. A leader and man to admire for any nation in history,’ one tweet reads.

This comes amid the BLM protests happening all over the country and the backlash Trump has been getting over hiding in a bunker from the protesters as well as encouraging police violence and more!

With that being said, it’s no surprise that the supporters of Black Lives Matter wanted to ruin his birthday by comparing him to his former rival.

‘@realDonaldTrump, wishing you a very happy #ObamaDayJune14th. Have a look at what a real President looks like,’ another user wrote alongside a pic of Obama looking very presidential while in office.

A third person wrote: ‘So on #ObamaDayJune14th I am remembering how relaxed and natural President Obama was with kids–all kids. Obama knew how important it was for kids–especially black children–to see the President as a friend. He was very much the nation’s dad.’

Another hilariously compared going from Obama to Trump as the POTUS to going from an iPhone to two cups and a string.

Of course, many made sure to use the hashtag not just to antagonize Trump but also to remind people to vote!


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