Kenya Moore Gets Dolled Up In New Photo Before She Shreds NeNe Leakes For These Wild Accusations

Kenya Moore Gets Dolled Up In New Photo Before She Shreds NeNe Leakes For These Wild Accusations
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Kenya Moore feels like she has the upper hand, and it shows. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 49, recently took to social media where she posted a gorgeous photo of herself in a beautiful yellow dress.

The mother of one had her long black hair cascading on her shoulders, and she flashed her famous million-dollar smile.

The former beauty queen explained that she is testing to find the best light for the upcoming virtual reunion show.

The program will be very interesting because NeNe Leakes has made the wild claims that Moore is not legally married to Marc Daly and that she used another woman's eggs to conceive their baby, Brooklyn Doris.

Leakes said: “It was Marc’s sperm and some eggs that they bought or found out of the country somewhere. That’s why the baby looks so much like him.”

Moore hit back saying: “I just think when people make comments like that, it is to try to hurt them where they are most vulnerable,” she said. “It is who she is. … She is who she is. She’s never going to change.”

One fan had this to say about the matter: "Just tell us this, what do you want the public to take away from your lifestyle on RHOA? What do you want your Daughter to take away from your behavior in public “with other black women”??? Would you be friends with you?"

This backer stated: "This was my worst nightmare 😭 , a virtual reunion. While the reads are happening, someone's audio might mess up, and I hate it. They don’t like her because she’s smart and articulate, which adds ether to those reads, honey! Nene could neva!!"

Another social media user shared: "Virtual Reunion? This is going to be interesting! You should have Brooklynn make an appearance... because she’s that cute! you should be on the #rhoa next season cos they couldn't get your name out of their mouths, plus you must have delicious cookies you can share with the ladies to lighten the #mood, and you can be a friend of @kenya."

This supporter told Moore: "Hey, beautiful Sisi. I never wanted you to come back this season because I knew they would do what they usually do: gang up on you and make you a villain. I stopped watching after Greece. I hope you know that you are a Queen and a pretty phenomenal woman! Sending you & Miss B massive blessings & love.❤️"

This follower shared: "They gone blame you for EVERYTHING! keep your head up during that reunion. You are far from perfect, but don't let them paint you out to be the villain in EVERY situation. Nehe will try and come for you. Don't let that phase your beauty makes her soul hurt."

Things are about to get very heated.

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