Kelly Dodd Claims The COVID-19 Pandemic Is 'God's Way Of Thinning The Herd,' Then Quickly Apologizes For Her Insensitive Comment

Kelly Dodd Claims The COVID-19 Pandemic Is 'God's Way Of Thinning The Herd,' Then Quickly Apologizes For Her Insensitive Comment
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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd got herself in some hot water earlier this week when she shared her shocking opinion about the COVID-19 pandemic. Dodd posted on Instagram that the virus was “God’s way of thinning the herd,” but after serious backlash she has apologized for the comment.

On Tuesday, Dodd shared that she recently was tested for the novel coronavirus and she also traveled via airplane. The RHOC star posted a video of herself screaming while the doctor put long swabs up both of her nostrils and begged her not to move.

When one of her more than 750,000 followers called her out for getting on a plane in the middle of the pandemic, Dodd clapped back.

“If it’s dangerous why are the airlines still flying? You think I want to fly? I had to get back, how is that elitist?” wrote Dodd, who continued to respond to her skeptics.

She explained that no one was in the airport or on her plane, so she didn’t have to worry about being “infested with germs” during her trip.

In a second comment, Dodd wrote: “Do you know how many people died from the H1N1, the swine flu or SARS? It’s 25% get your facts straight you only hearing numbers not the reality! It’s God’s way of thinning the herd!”

Dodd added that people who have died of the coronavirus “would’ve died this year” anyway because they “were compromised.”

The Positive Beverage owner also told her followers that it’s common sense to stay inside if they are vulnerable or compromised. If they have to go out, Dodd advised to wear masks and gloves while practicing social distancing. Dodd added that if you are ill, then you shouldn’t go out at all.

Dodd has since deleted the “thinning the herd” comment, and she also issued an apology.

In a series of videos on her Instagram Stories, Dodd said that when she wrote “thinning the herd” she didn’t actually mean it. Instead, Dodd says the intended meaning was to ask if pandemics happen because it’s God’s way. Dodd says she isn’t God and she’s not insensitive, and she feels badly for people who have lost loved ones to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly Dodd says that we should all stay at home and protect everybody, and if she offended anyone she is sorry.

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