Kenya Moore Dishes On Why Her And Nene Leakes Are Feuding: 'She Called Me A Monster And My Child A Buffalo'

Kenya Moore Dishes On Why Her And Nene Leakes Are Feuding: 'She Called Me A Monster And My Child A Buffalo'
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Other than baby news and a cheating scandal, Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes' intense feud will take center stage of the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya appeared on the Wendy Williams Show where she dished on the root of their feud.

Wendy, who is now besties with Nene, made it clear that although Leakes is her friend -- she has always liked Moore. She explained that the beauty queen deserves everything that she's getting.

While on the couch, Williams got straight to the point and asked why Kenya and Nene don't like each other.

The mother of one explained that at one time -- she thought they were friends.

'You know what, I like people that are genuine and I think, through the years, I’ve felt like I was a friend once we got over our little hump. Then, that turned into something different.'


She went on to explain how the Glee alum wasn't there for her during the time she needed friends the most.

'When I had a high-risk pregnancy, that I wanted my entire life, she never once called me. When I did show up, she never checked on my child, she never said, ‘Is everything ok?’ When I wasn’t going to be on the show, she never said, ‘Hey are you ok, girl? Do you need anything?''

She also referenced the way Nene acted when she showed up to Cynthia's event last season.

'And then, when she did see me eight months pregnant, she called me a ‘monster’ and said my child was a ‘buffalo’ and was throwing insults. It was all on TV. She made such a big deal about us not being friends, but she’s the one who’s not friends with people.'

Additionally, Kenya spilled tea that Kandi Burruss is the highest-paid on the show making her the true queen of RHOA.

She also confirmed the rumors that Leakes tried to spit on her .


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  • Valentinemartin
    Valentinemartin Nov 5, 2019 7:50 PM PST

    I always liked Kenya. However, it seemed as if she back stabbed Marlo when they were out shopping. It could have been how it was edited. As for Nene making a hacking sound and trying to spot on Kenya. She needs to get beat, sent to jail and sued. I bet she missed in purpose. Nene ain't crazy.

  • Idele Dawson
    Idele Dawson Nov 5, 2019 3:34 PM PST

    Girl ya'll both need to sit down, be humble and act like grown woman should and air out whatever is going on. That isn't showing unity among the black woman. Air out ya'll problems n put on yr big girl PANTIES on

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