Kenya Moore Discusses What It Would Take To Make Her Marriage Better

Kenya Moore Discusses What It Would Take To Make Her Marriage Better
Credit: Source: Page Six

Kenya Moore is bracing to watch her marriage fall apart along with the rest of the world on Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's well-known that the divorce was not her idea so it's not a surprise that she would get back together with her current ex.

Marc Daly is showing viewers his true colors in the currently airing episodes of RHOA. The restaurateur even notes that he and Moore have huge differences.

Viewers have noticed that the couple has communication issues and the usually Queen if Twirls is a completely different person when she is with her man.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight, she was asked if she wants to stay in her marriage.

'I would like to stay in this marriage because I still have love for my husband, but it has to change — a lot of things will have to change.'

The haircare mogul went on to say exactly what they would need to work on to have a successful union.


'Communication, number one. It has to always be respectful communication, even when you're upset, when you're hurt and when you're angry. Whatever the emotions you might be feeling at the time, you have to always keep in mind that you are a partnership, and you cannot take some things back. Once they're said or done, they cannot be taken back. I think, being vulnerable, throwing away ego and pride is very important, because you can't really get to the bones of how someone really feels unless they're able to just put everything out on the table, and be really raw and vulnerable. And I think the last part of it is just loving, knowing that you both are in this partnership and you both want to make it work and have a beautiful family. I mean, we have that and I would hate to lose it.'

Moore also admitted that if they got back together -- there would have to be a full-time move because Marc living part-time in Atlanta and the rest in New York is not working.


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