Kenya Moore Celebrates Seven Months Since She Gave Birth To Baby Brooklyn

Kenya Moore Celebrates Seven Months Since She Gave Birth To Baby Brooklyn
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Proud mom Kenya Moore is happy to share this amazing event with her fans and followers. Brooklyn Daly just turned seven months old and Kenya has been sharing pics from a photo shoot on her social media account.

'#7months. I love my toes they taste so good. I love rolling around and I’m trying to crawl. Yay for me!!! And I have 2 teeth! Now if I can just get my daddy to feed me some of his famous chicken and waffles 😍 #miraclebaby #babydaly @socobk #brooklyn,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Cute😘😘😘In Africa (my culture) when a baby sucks it's leg toe like that, it's actually asking mommy for a sibling 🙌😘'


Another person gushed over the little lady: 'She is a very beautiful baby of that age she is so cute Kenya Moore I see what she's doing she's eating her toes okay is it good Mommy it's a feel-good okay graduation Kenya Moore on the beautiful baby that you have ok love you sweetheart.'

One commenter said: 'Queen you are already “THE QUEEN “’ll top it off just follow your heart. My heart tells me once you’ll able to play more matches and add some deep strong clean strokes to your already “A” game...................You’ve got lots of True Fans..... You can achieve the world and still HATTERS will HATE..... Enjoy your Beautiful daughter Olympia..your wonderful gorgeous husband... your supportive family and your BLESSED LIFE......I’ll see you and Venus in Wimbledon.'

A fan posted: 'She is the prettiest baby girl ever!!! Omg! I wonder if she's as sweet as she looks. She always seems so calm.'

Someone else keeps bringing up the baby number 2 '@thekenyamoore prepare for baby number two, we have a myth that when a baby puts his/her toes in the mouth means they're longing to have a sibling 😂'

Just recently, Kenya had a fire photo session in which she’s advertising a pair of jeans that look flawless on her.

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