Kenny Chesney Says Farewell To Friend Who Died In Helicopter Crash Near Virgin Islands

Kenny Chesney Says Farewell To Friend Who Died In Helicopter Crash Near Virgin Islands
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Kenny Chesney had to say "goodbye" to one of his close friends, Maria Rodriguez, who passed away on Monday in a helicopter crash near the Virgin Islands, a report from People Magazine revealed today. The outlet picked up on a social media post from the legendary country singer in which he told the sad story.

Via his IG on Monday night, Kenny explained how his longtime friend and a few others had passed away in a helicopter crash in St. Thomas. The 52-year-old singer-songwriter wrote that she was a "dear friend" to not only him but many others who lived in the area.

Chesney went on to say in his post that she was "always the first person" he saw whenever he landed in the islands and also the last person he said goodbye to as well. Maria was a big part of his life on the islands, the country singer remarked.

According to People Magazine, the Virgin Islands Emergency Management Agency confirmed that four people had passed away in the crash which happened around 3:14 pm in the afternoon in local time. ABC was the first to pick up on this information.

Before they reveal the identities of the victims to the public, the authorities will speak with the families first. According to People Magazine among a few other publications, the country singer has always liked the Caribbean islands, in fact, he has written many songs about them.

When Hurricane Ima hit the islands four years ago in 2017, Kenny Chesney wrote a love song for them, and then his next album's proceeds went to the Love for Love City Fund, a charity he created for the Caribbean Islands.

In a statement from June 2018, Kenny wrote how the devastation faced by the communities there was too much to bear, so he decided to help via his charity. Chesney explained how No Shoes Nation showed him the way people could work together to help those in need, even if they didn't know each other.

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