Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Witnesses' 911 Calls Released - There Was 'A Boom And Then Dead Sound'

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Witnesses' 911 Calls Released - There Was 'A Boom And Then Dead Sound'
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In the aftermath of the tragic Kobe Bryant helicopter crash that killed the NBA legend, his second-born daughter and seven others, the 911 calls made by 4 witnesses have been made public. Check out their chilling accounts of the crash!

As it turns out, the four callers reported the crash after either hearing a loud ‘boom’ sound and or seeing flames and smoke in the hills of Calabasas.

The worried four witnesses called the emergency number a total of five times and their reports have been obtained and transcribed by HollywoodLife.

A part of them mentioned the thick fog, an explosion-like noise as well as a fire spreading on the hill and smoke rising from the site of the crash.

Perhaps because of these conditions, they also told the dispatchers that they were able to hear the helicopter in the hills but not also see it.

One caller said: ‘I’m reporting a hillside fire, directly east of Las Virgenes Road and A.E. Wright Middle School… up in the hills, flames and smoke, obviously.’

Another call came from someone who was walking on a trail in the area at the time: ‘I could hear a plane, as if it was in the clouds but could not see it. Then we heard a boom and a dead sound, and I could see the flames. Whatever crashed into the hill's also on fire… I think it was an airplane - small airplane.’

Similarly, a third caller told the dispatcher he heard a helicopter crash and that he was looking at the flames amid the call.

The fourth caller actually mentioned hearing the aircraft go right above his head: ‘It’s thick in the clouds, and I heard a pop, and it immediately stopped. I cannot see it. Call FAA and find out who is flying in this area and get a flight plan. I was thinking to myself, if this guy does not have night vision, I mean, he’s got no visual.’

Finally, the fifth call came from the first caller, who wanted to ‘clarify’ the exact location of the helicopter’s crash.

He went on to mention that the flames had mostly gone out, only smoke being seen.

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