Kendall Jenner Transforms Into A Mermaid In New Ciao Kendall Reserved Campaign — Watch Video

Kendall Jenner Transforms Into A Mermaid In New Ciao Kendall Reserved Campaign — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall Jenner mesmerizes in a new video campaign by Reserved. Titled #CiaoKendall the hashtag and video have gone viral as Kendall enchants throughout the picturesque and surreal look that pays homage to Italy and womanhood.  Released at the beginning of the month, the video now has more than 8 million views on YouTube. Kendall and the official Reserved Instagram page have shared photos and videos from the shoot that was directed, photographed, and filmed by Gordon von Steiner.

One of the most striking elements of the video, besides the gorgeous clothing from the Kendall x Reserved collection, is that keen movie buffs will notice that Kendall has been transformed into different Italian screen goddesses including Sophia Loren. The video presents the changes a young woman goes through in her life and though the video campaign is approximately 2 minutes long, von Steiner makes full use of every second.

Kendall is known for her jet black tresses and in the campaign, she dons a light brown, full-bodied wig that gives a new look to the supermodel. The makeup and hair transformations are stunning and at times the video is whimsical, at others surreal, yet it still pays homage to classic films. The theme is that with the Ciao Kendall Reserved collection, you can not only dress like Kendall but find outfits to take you through each stage of womanhood.

Reserved included the following caption with the video.
"Where do we begin? A woman has many faces (and looks) as she goes through her life. Reminisce about Italy with Kendall Jenner, see the movie and share your thoughts. Ciao."

You may watch Kendall Jenner's #CiaoKendall ad in the video player below.

The collection features pieces that are stylish and trendy, as well as those that are classic and traditional. Response to Kendall's Reserved collection has been great and it appears the Polish company made a wise choice going with the 23-year-old reality star and supermodel as the face for their latest campaign.

What do you think of Kendall's different looks in the video? Do you have any opinions or thoughts about the Ciao Kendall collection by Reserved?

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