Cindy Crawford Addresses Getting Criticized For Allowing Daughter Kaia To Become A Model

Cindy Crawford Addresses Getting Criticized For Allowing Daughter Kaia To Become A Model
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It’s no secret at this point that Cindy Crawford’s lookalike daughter, Kaia Gerber is following in her footsteps and pursuing a career in the modeling industry! That being said, it sounds like people are not too happy about that!

It’s safe to say that the proud mother has shown Kaia support and even guidance when it comes to her choice of occupation being the same as hers.

However, the famous supermodel has actually received a lot of criticism over letting her daughter become a model.

While in attendance at the ‘Their Lives in Pictures’ panel at Vogue's Forces of Fashion Summit, Kaia shared with the audience that ‘There are things that no matter how much somebody can tell you about the industry, there's things you have to learn firsthand.’

However, it sounds like Kaia is a really fast learner since her mom says she was pretty much able to start her career all by herself.

‘By the time Kaia started she was pretty well-versed in designers and young photographers. She was prepared,’ Crawford stated.

But while she managed to give her a great head start, there were also things Cindy could not teach her daughter since she never had to deal with them at the peak of her career.

For instance, the use of social media was something they learned together instead.

Speaking of social media, while there may be advantages, it also means trolls are much more likely to get to you!

And that is exactly what some people have done – harshly criticizing Cindy for allowing her daughter to become a model at such a young age.

‘Now everyone's a model in their everyday life. Every young person is modeling in their own life,’ she said on the panel, which is also what she usually tells people who slam her decision.

Regardless of what they may say, however, Cindy has zero regrets and she made that very clear!


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