Kelsy Karter Tattoos Harry Styles' Face On Her Face - Check It Out!

Kelsy Karter Tattoos Harry Styles' Face On Her Face - Check It Out!
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This is something you do not see every day! Singer Kelsy Karter has a new tattoo, and it is of Harry Styles’ face – on her face!

The 25-year-old woman took to social media yesterday to show off her unconventional new ink which is situated on her cheek!

In the pic’s caption, she quoted Harry’s former girlfriend, Taylor Swift: ‘Mama, look what I made me do.’

Karter’s tattoo seems to be a tribute to the former One Direction singer since his 25th birthday is right around the corner (February, 1.)

‘Finally, know what I'm getting Harry for his birthday,’ she teased on her platform earlier this month.

Kelsy has never tried to hide her longtime thirst for Harry since back in 2012, she tweeted about him having some ‘nice hair.’

But that was just the beginning as, since then, she has tweeted many times about him, even calling him the ‘best human on the planet’ and confessing that she is ‘in love with Harry!’

Back in July, during an interview with i-D, Karter opened up about her love for the fellow singer.

She explained that ‘What I love about Harry from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of pop stars, and he went on his own and made a rock album. For somebody like me who wants to live in that world who has not been in a boy band, he's opened the door for me. He has introduced the kids to the kind of music that I want to make. For that, I am really grateful.’

She then went on to declare that she is pretty much the female version of Harry!

‘I also just want his career. I feel like I am a female version. I actually moved to America to act, and music became my main thing. Rock ‘n’ roll is my passion. I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I am getting a song on his album.’

Well, now, she may have either finally grabbed his attention or creeped him out for good!


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