Kelly Stafford Update: NFL Wife Of Matthew Stafford Returns To Hospital After Brain Surgery

Kelly Stafford Update: NFL Wife Of Matthew Stafford Returns To Hospital After Brain Surgery
Credit: Source: Kelly Stafford/Instagram

Brain surgery isn't a walk in the park as NFL wife of Matthew Stafford, Kelly has recently shared with her followers. After undergoing a 12-hour surgery to remove a brain tumor, the young mother to three children (twin girls and another 8-month-old daughter) tried to handle the pain and aftermath of the surgery at home. Providing an update on Instagram, Kelly Stafford explained she returned to the hospital after having intense migraines that she could not deal with and they admitted her.

Matthew Stafford is an NFL quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

Kelly first shared a photo on Instagram on Easter Sunday as she was leaving the hospital following surgery. She smiled and appeared to be in good spirits. Many were surprised to hear that she was leaving the hospital just days following the surgery and many sent her their well-wishes and prayers for a continued, speedy recovery.

You may see the post that Kelly shared on Easter Sunday as she prepared to leave the hospital below.

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, just days after Kelly returned home, she shared another update with a photo where you could visibly see she was in pain and suffering. In the update, Kelly explained that though she thought she could stay home and handle the pain, coming off the steroids was more than she could bear.

Many people responded to her post by saying there was no need for her to offer an explanation for why she returned to the hospital. They supported her and said that she should take all the time and medication needed to remain as comfortable as possible during her recovery.

Kelly's and Matthew's fans are praying for her speedy recovery so that she can return home as quickly as possible, but only when she is ready.

One of Kelly's fans offered their encouragement and support. They shared the following message to her.

"You got this lady! Listen to you body, I know the mom complex has you wanting to get back to home domination but let others take care of you while you recover. 🙏🏽"

What do you think? Do you feel that Kelly should take as much time as she needs to rest and recover?


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