Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Baby Bump After Announcing Second Pregnancy - Video!

Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Baby Bump After Announcing Second Pregnancy - Video!
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After sharing the big news that she and her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, are expecting their second addition to the family, Kelly Rowland took to social media to show off her growing belly via a mirror selfie! Not only that but, the star also took this opportunity to make a ‘Bootylicious’ joke!

Yesterday, the singer and future mother of two, shared a clip that showed her pregnant belly via her IG Stories!

Alongside it, she wrote, ‘….I still can’t believe this belly,’ which was a reference to the iconic song’s lyrics.

The video shows the expectant 39 year old rocking a pair of leopard print pajamas and brushing her teeth in front of a mirror.

The top of the pajamas was cropped, which means that it put her bare baby bump on display.

It also featured a plunging neckline and Kelly made sure to add some delicate gold accessories as well, for the aesthetics.

Finally, her hair was kept away from her face while brushing her teeth, by tying it into a high ponytail.

This new post comes only a few days after Kelly Rowland revealed the news by appearing on the cover of Women’s Health’s latest issue.

Kelly shared with the news outlet that ‘We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like….let’s see what happens.’

Well, it sure did not take a long time, Kelly mentioning that she got pregnant ‘right away.’

Kelly and her husband are already the parents to a son named Titan, who is turning 6 years old next month!

The singer and actress also mentioned during her chat with the magazine, that she felt nervous to share the news amid COVID-19 and everything else that’s been going on this year.


However, she realized that by announcing it, she could ‘remind people that life is important.'

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