Kelly Ripa Admits That Not Having A Fourth Child Was A Big Mistake

Kelly Ripa Admits That Not Having A Fourth Child Was A Big Mistake
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According to a report from Us, Kelly Ripa admitted during an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan that she would've liked to have yet another child with her husband, Mark Consuelos. In fact, the star said she greatly regretted not having another one.

Currently, she has three children with Mr. Mark Consuelos. The 48-year-old said to her co-host on the show, Ryan Seacrest, "I am regretful that we didn't have more." The star said that when you have three kids, there is what she described as "triangulation."

"When they are small, you always have two against one. It is just the way it is, it's unavoidable." According to Ripa, when the kids are really young, they're so adorable because of all of the amazing things that they say. "I miss all of that," the star remarked.

In 1996, the All My Children star married the 47-year-old, Consuelos, and she gave birth to his first child a year later. They now have three children together, Joaquin, Lola, and Michael, who are 15, 17, and 21, respectively.

As for how the conversation got started, Ripa's close friend,  Andy Cohen, recently announced that he had his very first child via Instagram hours beforehand. Andy announced that he was having a child through a surrogacy a few weeks ago.

The 50-year-old took to his Instagram and wrote, "Wow, this is my son, Benjamin Allen Cohen." Not only did Ripa congratulate Andy for being a great father, but she also joked about her plan to move right next door to him just to see the little baby.

The Emmy award winner said it was almost as if Andy was destined to become a father early in his life. Moreover, Ripa said that she "feels emotional at times" because he has been a "surrogate dad to my own kids."

Kelly described him as a "great family man," and said she was so "happy and thrilled for you both." Kelly added that the baby was definitely in a good place and was very fortunate to have someone like Andy care for him.

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