Ben Affleck And His Ex Lindsay Shookus Reportedly 'Talking' Again

Ben Affleck And His Ex Lindsay Shookus Reportedly 'Talking' Again
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According to new reports, Ben Affleck and his ex, Lindsay Shookus are on speaking terms again, six months after they put an end to their short-lived relationship. Check out the details!

One insider shared with ET that the actor and the SNL producer are ‘talking’ again.

As for whether that means they are close to getting back together or not, the source noted that they are ‘friends.’

They also mentioned that Affleck’s main priority is still his kids and family.

As you may remember, Ben and Lindsay broke up back in August after months of struggling with alcohol addiction which ultimately ended with him entering rehab.

One source at the time told the outlet that Shookus had been pretty supportive of Affleck getting help for his problem: ‘Lindsay wanted Ben to go to rehab, but had trouble getting him there. He did not want to be controlled, and he ended things with Lindsay.’

While he was recovering, Ben and his former wife, Jennifer Garner also finalized their divorce, no less than three years after separating.

Regardless of their break up, many sources have mentioned how committed they are to co-parenting their three kids harmoniously.

However, not too long ago, another insider revealed that ever since things have been getting more serious between Garner and her new man, John Miller, the exes have been spending much less time together.

Meanwhile, in December, ET also reported via an insider that Ben is very supportive of Jen’s romance with John.

‘Ben regrets many of his actions from the past. He loves his family, and he knows his priority should've been them all along. The good news is that [Ben and Garner] work incredibly hard on keeping their family unit working for the kids, despite the fact they're no longer married.’

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