Kelly Dodd’s Ex Denies Cheating On The RHOC Star!

Kelly Dodd’s Ex Denies Cheating On The RHOC Star!
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As fans know, Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd and her doctor boyfriend Brian Reagan, put an end to their relationship not too long ago. Soon after she made the announcement, the man is clapping back against the accusations that he cheated on her!

Kelly took to her platform to claim her now-ex was unfaithful, that being what supposedly led to their split.

In response, Dr. Reagan told the world via HollywoodLife his side of the story.

In other words, he defended himself, insisting that the cheating accusations are ‘absolutely false!’

‘It hasn't been an easy relationship and a lot of that is just the distance between us because I am just not physically up there, so in my mind, it just really wasn’t enough for her. There's no affair and there's no cheating and I am really disappointed that she's going that way. I think when things are not working out, people get a bit insecure and start looking for other reasons.’

As far as he’s concerned, the reason why they split was just that it didn’t work out in the end! Simple as that!

Kelly’s ex also addressed her previous claim that she found out about their breakup from social media!

‘Oh no, we had talked about it. We've been going on and off for weeks. For her to suggest that I used her — I did not even want to be on the show. I did not want to be on her social media. In fact, we broke up over it. Back in December when she said that her new boyfriend ghosted her, that was me saying I do not want any piece of this,’ he told the news outlet.

The man made it clear that he doesn’t see them getting back together given how she’s lashing out and painting him in such a bad light.

The whole thing saddens him since he has a lot of love for Kelly. In the end, he wished her happiness and love in her life since she ‘deserves it.’


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