Jamie Foxx Spotted With Mystery Woman – Did He And Katie Holmes Split?

Jamie Foxx Spotted With Mystery Woman – Did He And Katie Holmes Split?
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Jamie Foxx was spotted out with a mystery woman last night in Los Angeles. The actor was caught leaving West Hollywood night club, Bootsy Bellows. Now speculation is growing he, and Katie Holmes have split after almost six years.

TMZ got a couple of candid pictures of Foxx, along with a woman who was identified as Sela Vave, leaving the club. She was holding onto his arm, as Foxx tried to hide from the paparazzi.

The website has learned Vave is a recording artist and model. She has posted a couple of pictures of her with the Ray actor on social media. Vave has continuously expressed her gratitude for Foxx.

Her Instagram messages do not appear to be romantic but rather a happy I know you nature. The model first started posting pictures and videos with the Hollywood star earlier this summer.

Based on Vave social media posts and the recent pictures of them leaving the club, it is hard to determine the state of the relationship. She could be Foxx's new lady love, or she could be his new protégé.

It would be a more straightforward question to answer if fans knew what was going on between Foxx and long-time girlfriend, Katie Holmes. They have played cat and mouse with the public throughout the duration of their romance.

The two Hollywood stars have never spoken publicly about their relationship. Foxx even walked out of an interview one time when a reporter dared to ask about his relationship with Holmes.

Foxx and Holmes have occasionally appeared together at public events. They have often been spotted hanging out in New York City or in Malibu on the beach. The last time the famous duo was caught out together was in May at the famed the Met Gala .

Split rumors have plagued the secretive duo over the past couple of years. There has been speculation Foxx was not the most faithful boyfriend. However, since they do not speak about the relationship, only Fox and Holmes genuinely know what happened.

Katie Holmes did not appear to be bothered by Jamie Foxx leaving a club with Sela Vave. She was photographed enjoying a relaxing day out in NYC on Saturday, hours after the pictures were published on TMZ .

There is no clear answer to what is going on with Foxx and Vave or if he has ended his romance with Holmes. Eventually, if she is spotted with another man or he is caught spending more time with Vave, fans will have some sort of an answer.

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