Kelly Dodd Slams Her RHOC Co-Stars On Twitter After Nasty Fight With Vicki Gunvalson In Latest Episode

Kelly Dodd Slams Her RHOC Co-Stars On Twitter After Nasty Fight With Vicki Gunvalson In Latest Episode
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Fans can’t stop talking about the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County that featured Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson getting into a nasty fight during the cast trip to Key West, Florida, that ended with some serious name calling. And Dodd can’t stop talking about it either because she slammed her co-stars on Twitter after the episode aired.

Dodd took to social media to slam Gunvalson and the other two Tres Amigas, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. During the episode, Dodd and Gunvalson’s fight ended with Vicki calling Kelly a “slut.” Then Kelly fired back by bringing up the lawsuit Vicki was involved in with her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers and called her a “con woman” and a “liar.”

The fight started when Kelly found out that Vicki had been talking to a woman who claimed that Kelly had assaulted her in a San Diego bar because she was supposedly getting too close to Dodd’s then-boyfriend Dr. Brian, and the Tres Amigas knew all about it.

Dodd is tired of Gunvalson, Beador, and Judge being all up in her personal business, and she wrote on Twitter that they do the exact things that they accuse her of doing.

"They say they’re afraid I’ll get violent, then taunt me, egg me on & say they’re about to hit me," Dodd tweeted. "They ostracize & attack me for getting “involved” in a lawsuit, then actively seek out a stranger to pry for information in a potential lawsuit with me. Welcome to #RHOC 🍊."

Dodd was referencing the defamation lawsuit that Alexi Bellino’s ex-husband Jim brought against Judge and Beador after they talked about him on a podcast. When Dodd found out that it was Judge who was spreading the infamous sex train rumor - not Gunvalson like Judge implied - Dodd was so mad that she started talking about the lawsuit.

It appeared that Dodd and Judge were able to make amends and hug it out, but that seemingly changed after watching the most recent episode. Dodd not only threw a slew of names at Gunvalson, but she also predicted that Vicki’s engagement to Steve Lodge would end in two seconds.

During the episode, Gunvalson also confessed that she doesn’t “get” drag shows and was not happy that the ladies were spending their evening watching drag queens. Kelly Dodd brought that up on Twitter, too, writing, For the record, I love drag queens 🥳 #RHOC."

New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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