Katy Perry Says She Is 'Open' To Collabing With Old Nemesis Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Says She Is 'Open' To Collabing With Old Nemesis Taylor Swift
Credit: Source: rollingstone.com

Katy Perry is not only completely over her infamous feud with Taylor Swift but according to her, she would even be willing to make some new music together! If that does not prove they have made peace, what else could?

While an attendee at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Katy Perry chatted with Z100 radio host Elvis Duran, as well as with ET's Lauren Zima on the red carpet and that is when she revealed the great news for those who stan both artists!

At least as far as Perry is concerned, a collab between her and Swift is not entirely out of the question!

Her response came to a question about rumors of a collaboration that have already been going around.

‘I mean, I am making music with Zedd, [so] I am open,’ she said, smiling.

Speaking of Zedd, not only did they work together on the new song, ‘365’ but they even walked the red carpet together!

She also donned the same outfit she had on in the music video that had a very emotional storyline.

Perry played an android that falls in love with a human only to be shut down and replaced at the end when she gets too obsessed and almost kills the man played by Zedd.

Because it was as if Perry was at the event as her robot persona, Zedd joked about the possibility of a collab between the former enemies by saying that I programmed her to make music with anybody, it is great.’

‘I am a loveable AI,’ Katy added, playing along.

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