Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom - Inside Their 'Perfect' Wedding Planning

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom - Inside Their 'Perfect' Wedding Planning
Credit: Source: hellomagazine.com

Katy Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom are very in love and excited to start the rest of their lives together by making it official! The wedding planning is in full swing, and they are not going to have anything less than ‘perfect!’

As you may know, the actor proposed to the singer on Valentine’s Day and ever since, they both have been living in bliss!

It makes sense that the two are dreaming of their special day and brainstorming ideas since it’s the next logical step in their relationship.

That being said, one insider shared with E! News that the couple is ‘starting to talk about what their wedding might look like, but they haven't made any decisions. They want to make sure they decide on something perfect for them as a couple.’

That is to be expected since they had ‘very different weddings’ when married before.

As fans know, Perry was previously married to comedian Russell Brand while Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr.

Since ‘Orlando doesn't want anything big and flashy,’ it seems like the singer will not be riding an elephant during their nuptials like it happened when she married Brand.

So, since they have different ideas when it comes to the perfect wedding, they will be getting ‘a wedding planner to help them execute’ something that is the best of both worlds.

Still, Katy already has some ‘ideas of what would be cool’ so the wedding planner will not be doing everything by themselves.

But even though she will not have something huge like the last time, it turns out that Katy does not care about that much anymore.

The source mentioned that she would be totally down with a ceremony ‘where their friends and family can come together and everyone has fun.’

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