Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Got Married In Secret? - Bobby Bones Reveals He Wasn't Invited!

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Got Married In Secret? - Bobby Bones Reveals He Wasn't Invited!
Credit: Source: hellomagazine.com

Have Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom tied the knot in private? While the famous couple is yet to announce this, Bobby Bones let it slip that they already had their wedding, claiming it was very small and intimate.

Katy's 'American Idol' co-star chatted with Us Weekly and when he was asked about the nuptials, he revealed that he was not invited since it was such a small ceremony.

'I did not go to the wedding. And I understood why, although I was jealous,' he went on to explain.

Since this has not been confirmed by either Katy or Orlando, fans would expect Bobby to just be joking but he did not mention whether he was serious or not during the interview.

As a result, many took to their platforms to sent the celebs their congratulatory messages prematurely, even though nothing is sure yet.

Obviously, fans know that they were planning on having their wedding earlier on but because of the pandemic, they ended up having no choice but to postpone it.

Orlando Bloom previously told the Times that 'I'm not joking when I say that coronavirus might have a play in whether we put things on ice, because we're going to be traveling and we do not want anybody to feel uncomfortable.'

A few months later, Katy Perry shared via The Mirror that 'You can't plan anymore in 2020 because those plans are ­always canceled.'

The rumors that they tied the knot in secret still spread around not too long after since Katy was seen wearing what looked like a wedding band during her and Orlando's recent vacation with their baby girl.

This new unconfirmed news comes after Miranda Kerr, Orlando's ex wife, showed her support of his romance with Katy.


'I feel so happy Orlando found someone who makes him happy, because at the end of the day, for Flynn (their son) to have a happy father and a happy mother is the most important thing,' the model said in part.


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