Katie Holmes Is Reportedly Fuming Over Jamie Foxx's Relationship With Sela Vave

Katie Holmes Is Reportedly Fuming Over Jamie Foxx's Relationship With Sela Vave
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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx kept their relationship so extremely private during their six years together, that neither of them actually publicly acknowledged they were an item. As expected, now that they have split neither one is talking about the breakup. But, insiders say that behind-the-scenes, Holmes is fuming that cameras have spotted Foxx with his 21-year-old protege Sela Vave numerous times this summer.

“They had an agreement to play fair and not embarrass the other by stepping out with anyone else in public – but Jamie’s done exactly that and she’s livid,” an insider told Radar Online. “They had an open arrangement provided he never rubbed her face in it, which of course he’s done over and over again.”

When the 51-year-old Foxx was recently spotted leaving Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood with Vave, it sparked rumors that Foxx was cheating on Holmes. But, then the story quickly changed, with insiders confirming that Foxx and Holmes had quietly split back in May, and one claiming that Vave had pretty much moved in with Foxx. The source also claimed that Foxx and Vave had mutual feelings for each other.

Foxx responded by posting an Instagram live video where he claimed that he has a history of helping out young, aspiring artists by letting them stay at his house. And, he says that his relationship with Vave is strictly business.

In the clip, the Oscar winner explained that he had no idea who Ed Sheeran was when they met years ago, but the singer slept on Foxx’s couch for six weeks. He added that Nick Cannon slept at his old house when he was just 13, and Ne-Yo “would come to the crib” before he was Ne-Yo.

Foxx says that he welcomes everyone no matter who they are, but he says there is a “double standard” when it comes to men helping out women in the music industry. Foxx says he is doing the same things for Vave that he has done with male artists, and has simply given her equal opportunity.

However, after the new of Foxx and Holmes’ split broke, Vave has been the subject of “unnecessary hate” and people are accusing the young woman of having an ulterior motive.

“Stop that s**t. I embrace all the artists [who] come here,” said Foxx. “That’s our artist. She’s been brought into the family, she works hard, and she’s a beautiful singer.”

Foxx has apparently been telling his friends that Vave is “the next Beyonce,” and he has been grooming her for major success. However, he has denied dating Vave, saying that she is younger than his 25-year-old daughter, Corinne.

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