Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Spotted On Yacht Kissing - Are They Getting Ready To Tie The Knot?

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Spotted On Yacht Kissing - Are They Getting Ready To Tie The Knot?
Credit: Source: EOnline.com

This past Friday, Mr. Jamie Foxx and his girlfriend, Katie Holmes, were spotted hanging out in Miami, Florida, on a private yacht shortly before New Year's Eve. According to E! Online, Splash News obtained photographs of the pair hanging out in one of the United States most humid cities.

While on board, a paparazzo captured a photo of the two exchanging a kiss. Katie was wearing more than one outfit that day, including a string bikini as well as a pinstriped crop top and shorts.

Back in 2016, E! reported that Holmes and Foxx - who have managed to keep their relationship relatively under wraps - have been dating for several years and it's not a secret at all among each other's social circles.

Five years ago, in 2013, rumors began that Katie and Jamie were dating after she and Tom Cruise had permanently split up. On a number of different occasions, paparazzi have spotted them hanging out, interactions which have also been captured by photographers.

In February, reporters from ESPN's SportsCenter asked him about Katie and he walked off the set in the middle of the interview. It's clear they don't like talking about each other in the press. And earlier this month, Mr. Foxx, 51, and Katie, had dinner at Serendipity in NYC to celebrate her 40th birthday.

In April and July, paparazzi spotted them out together again in Manhattan, New York. Rumor has it that Holmes and Tom Cruise split up all those years ago because of Scientology, however, that hasn't been confirmed by any legitimate sources close to the couple.

Moreover, this past summer, reports indicated Tom hadn't spoken with their daughter, Suri, in several years, but it was later revealed that Tom actually buys her gifts every Christmas and on her birthday.

As for how Mr. Cruise feels about Jamie dating his ex-wife, Jamie once said in the past that Tom was nothing more than a consummate professional in his divorce proceedings with Katie.

While some have criticized Tom heavily for being a Scientologist, others in the industry say he is arguably one of the best people to work with.

Putting that aside, due to the longtime Katie and Jamie have been together, some reports have indicated they're getting ready to tie the knot. Will it finally happen sometime soon?

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