Katie Holmes And Alex Rodriguez Dating? - The Truth About The Pictures Of Him Leaving Her Apartment Building!

Katie Holmes And Alex Rodriguez Dating? - The Truth About The Pictures Of Him Leaving Her Apartment Building!
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Is there something romantic going on between Katie Holmes and Alex Rodriguez? The rumors that these two might be dating started when the man was caught by the paparazzi leaving the actress' apartment building. Now, Katie's rep addressed the speculations, revealing whether or not they are together!

As it turns out, people might have been seriously reaching because it seems like A.Rod being there had nothing to do with Katie Holmes.

After all, she is definitely not the only person living in that building!

One rep for the actress confirmed that she does not even know Alex.

With that being said, while it's unclear what A. Rod was doing there at the time, one thing is certain, he was not there to visit Katie Holmes.

At the same time, however, the rep seems to have exaggerated at least a little bit in their statement since there is actually photo evidence that the two stars do know each other and that has been the case for over a decade at this point.

Rodriguez and Holmes were caught on camera together back in 2010 while attending a Super Bowl party in Miami Beach.

The pic shows Alex and Katie posing for a group picture that also includes Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, the latter two being at each side of Alex and Katie who were in the middle next to one another. Obviously, they've met!

That's not to say that they even remember this since it could have only been a random photo op at a celebrity event, which doesn't necessarily mean they even chatted at that party!

All in all, it's not a surprise that fans were quick to link them romantically based on the apparent clues, not only because he visited her apartment building but also because both Alex and Katie are newly single.

As you know, Alex used to date Jennifer Lopez and were even engaged before she went on to break the engagement and almost immediately reunite with her old flame, Ben Affleck!


As for Katie, she dated Emilio Vitolo Jr. for a few months before they spit back in May.

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